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With these programs I personally offer you
dignity, vitality, integration, peace of mind,
and self transformation
for a better life!

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Do you have any of the following symptoms?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you can benefit from the Jindao system, which:

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Dr. Oz endorses Qigong!

“If you want to be healthy
and live to 100, do Qigong .”
- Dr. Mehmet Oz

Dr . Oz , Oprah's favorite MD, was asked out of all the health practices that one could do, what was the one practice that he would choose and recommend people practice to stay healthy. His response: If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong. He added that Qigong reverses the aging process.

On another Oprah show, Dr . Oz interviewed a couple who had been very overweight with many illnesses. Previously, he started them onto a program of better nutrition and a Qigong practice. They lost much of their excess weight, improved their energy, decreased most medication, and slowed their aging process. These improvements are attributed to Qigong and eating better.



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Do you desire a change in your life?

Do you want a better quality of life?

Do you want to turn back the clock?

Are you facing a health challenge?

Do you want more wealth & happiness?

Jindao Life Transforming Qigong is a holistic system of special energy healing programs for powerful self transformation.

Qigong is an ancient practice of movement and meditation that helps heal the body, improve flexibility, balance the emotions, and lift the spirit. The practice involves simple movements and coordinated breathing.

NEW! Qigong Book available with information on healing, purifying, and manifesting.
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Our programs allow you to:

  • Eliminate long held unresolved anger and grief.
  • Develop superior fitness and vitality.
  • Achieve peace of mind, focus, and clear insight.
  • Reverse the aging process.
  • Develop into the fully actualized person that you were meant to be.
  • Feel happier, energized, and powerful.
  • Become more efficient and effective.

Our exclusive Programs are located
Nationwide and Worldwide via ONLINE classes and in person in the Cary, North Carolina area. Contact instuctor for more information.

The Jindao Life Transforming Qigong System is a family of wellness practices for health, fitness, energy development, and stress relief. These practices include moving exercises, as well as a number of other practices such as standing and sitting meditations, massage, therapeutic healing techniques, and other health and energy-building practices. The Jindao System converges different material into one holistic energy healing therapy.

Great for natural healing of Osteoporosis, Osteopina, Arthritis, Asthma, Shoulder and Back pain, and more.

See our various Qigong & Shaolin Taiji programs here.

My contact info: Sal Canzonieri - instructor / healer, salcanzonieri@att.net or 973-752-4739 (cell) -
(call or email if you want to attend a class or join a program, thanks)

About the Jindao System TM

The Jindao System produces Self Transformation, an Integrated Body / Mind, and Peace of Mind through the use natural movements for enhancing the body's internal energy and strength.

  • For the Mind, the Jindao's meditation methods promote calmness and a positive outlook, greatly relieving stress. Attention is given to the role of Eastern Philosophical concepts.

  • For the Body, Jindao's Energy Transforming and Inner Strength Building Exercises develop radiant energy, promote inner transformation, and generate a stronger and more limber body. Special attention is given to an energy enhancing diet plan as well.

  • For the Spirit, Jindao's Breathing and Meditational Exercises achieve balance by developing Mind-Body-Spirit Awareness so that these elements can be understood as being of one unity, bringing greater focus and clarity.

"Classes are never boring. As a student of martial arts, whether it be for health, longevity or self-defense motivations, Sal fosters ones own awareness of their body, mind and spirit and helps students apply the instruction to their own situation. Over time, one can see their own progress as they achieve deeper levels of their own ability. Progress is cumulative." -- Glenn Keller, Randolph NJ

"Self Change the Jindao Way" TM

Jindao ( 勁道) is a complete wellness program (where the Mind, Body, and Spirit are seen as one complete whole), developed from decades of experience, research, and practice. Through this system of synergistic 'energy transformation' programs, you can experience new levels of health, energy, and relaxation.

Jindao Life Transforming Qigong goes beyond healing, it uses holistic and natural energy based transformational therapies that are focused on allowing the "life force" to bring about balance and wellness.

Jindao gives you the necessary tools to help you develop into the fully actualized person that you were meant to be, in a safe and natural way.

The system gives you personal insight, tranformational energy, and physical strength to prevent you from undermining your own goal pursuit.

Not only will you feel emotionally empowered to succeed, but you will physically feel radiant energy and deep inner strength.

Jindao is composed of various complimentary Holistic methods for Self Change, such as:

  • Energy Tranforming Techniques (Nei Gong);
  • Breathing Methods (Qi Gong);
  • Chinese Yoga (Dao Yin);
  • Inner Strength Building Exercises (Wei Gong);
  • Meditation;
  • Physical Fitness (Wu Gong);
  • Enhanced Energy Diet;
  • Taoist, Chan Buddhist, Christian Mysticism, Kabbalist, and Tantric Philosophy;
  • Behavioral Science (Recursive Teaching);
  • Self Defense (Wu Shu); and more.

Jindao's synergistic approach combines these modalities at once to work the meridian "water pipes" and vessel "reservoirs" both from the inside out and from the outside in, purifying you on all levels.

Further, Jindao is the ONLY system that can be used for both health enhancement and for self defense.

Whether you're a soccer mom, yoga teacher, reiki healer, massage therapist, or a small business owner and exposed to the stresses of modern day survival... Jindao's Qigong and Neigong and other programs enhance anything you're already doing and give life to it.  

Natural Energetic Healing tm

"Natural Energetic Transformation " TM

Natural Energetic Transformation balances the subtle flow of energy in and around a person.

Using the Jindao methods, the nervous system; the muscular-skeletal structure; and the immune system are all worked together at one time to help reverse the aging process, boost health and vitality, and promote longevity and total wellness.

Gentle, natural exercises are performed to increase and balance the flow of energy through the body. The internal movements also develop balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance.

Deep breathing is coordinated with the movements to promote relaxation and develop the mind-body connection.

This leads to the enhancement of physical, mental, and spiritual health. "Natural Energetic Transformation" occurs that provide relief from chronic aches and pains, negative feelings, and malfunctioning immune systems.

Great exercises for Senior Fitness! Reverses the aging process - the secret to feeling better and living longer. Regular exercise can prevent or delay diabetes and heart trouble. It can also reduce arthritis pain, anxiety, and depression. It can help older people stay independent.

What is Qigong Therapy?

Qigong (pronounced as Chee Gung) is also known as Chinese Yoga, or as Neigong (Internal Exercises), which is more like a Chinese version of Pilates.

Qigong is an ancient practice of movement and meditation that helps heal the body, improve flexibility, balance the emotions, and lift the spirit. The practice involves simple movements and coordinated breathing.

A definition of Qigong is: an internal meditation method using moving and standing exercises practiced to promote the movement of vital energy throughout the body.

Qigong increases internal cleansing and purifying and has been known to help remove many ailments and improve one's health tremendously.

Qigong is a practice that often uses slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques to promote the circulation of energy within the human body, and enhance a practitioner's overall health. Qigong's gentle movements, meditation, and breathing techniques cleanse and strengthen the immune system and Life Energy (Qi).

The ideas and movements originated thousands of years ago in China. There are also many forms of Qigong that are done with little or no movement at all, in standing, sitting, and lying positions; likewise, not all forms of Qigong use breath control techniques.

There are more than 10,000 styles of qigong and 200 million people practicing these methods.

Click here for more information on Qigong and Neigong

Why practice Qigong & Neigong?

There are three main reasons why people practice Qigong:
1) To gain strength, improve health, or reverse a disease;
2) To gain skill working with qi, so as to become a healer;
3) To become more connected with the "Tao, God, True Source, Great Spirit", for a more meaningful spiritual connection with nature and the universe.

Benefits of Qigong & Neigong :

  • Improved health and well being. Qigong adds years to your life, and  life to your years;
  • Boost your health & vitality - improves nervous system function;
  • Gain peace of mind - clears negative emotions and reduces anxiety;
  • Clear and tranquil mind. When the mind is at peace, the body can better heal itself. When you have a calm mind, you will make better decisions and have the skill to know when act and when to be still;
  • Increases energy and restores youthfulness;
  • Promote longevity & total wellness;
  • Relieve stress - drops stress hormone (salivary cortisol) levels;
  • Promote deeper relaxation and better sleep;
  • Achieve greater aerobic capacity;
  • Weight loss and stay fit - Improved digestion, and a more efficient metabolism;
  • Heal internal injuries;
  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain. Qigong unblocks stagnant energy which allows more healing energy to flow into your body;
  • Tones and strengthen your muscles, soothe stiffness,  increase your range of motion.
  • Prevent osteoporosis;
  • A stronger and more limber body - increases flexibility and mobility;
  • Straightens posture. Open your joints, reduce painful trigger points, and promote balance and flexibility;
  • Become more confident and clear minded
  • Aerobic exercise recommended for coronary artery disease;
  • Lower your blood pressure;
  • Increase your strength and stamina;
  • Gain confidence and self control;
  • Become better able to focus;
  • Improve your daily performance;
  • Release negative emotions & gain positive feelings;
  • Helps fight depression and encourages an optimistic and happy disposition;
  • Become more sensitive to energy changes in the environment;
  • Improve your sports skills (golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, MMA, etc.);
  • Protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Energy Transforming and Breathing Exercises

The program's Natural Energetic Transforming exercises are based on ancient Qigong (Chi Gung) and Neigong movements that help balance the body from the inside out, producing three major changes in the body:

  1. Helps to rid the body of stagnant energy that is not moving freely. Stagnant energy is located where there are physical, emotional, mental, and psychic blockages.

  2. Raises the body's energy levels so that its own natural healing capacities are stimulated and become strongly elevated.

  3. Helps to balance the body's energy flow through the meridians and deeper energy channels and vessels.

The famous Dr. Oz, Oprah's medical guru, on his television program, also espoused qigong as a way to “add years to your life”, reduce stress, promote longevity, cardiovascular care, and help alleviate chronic pain and fatigue symptoms.

Qigong makes your body pulse with energy. Only Qigong deals with the actual energy itself to such a degree that it causes our body to regenerate.  

People who work with Reiki Healing, Healing Touch, Massage, Yoga, and other related modalities can greatly benefit from our programs by enhancing their energy sensibilities.

Success Stories

"I was also told that it would be difficult to have kids with the built up scar tissue from surgery many years earlier. . . The qigong taught along with the Kung Fu forms helped tone my body and got me back on the road to a better shape and manage my stress.  I felt different on many levels after each class. A year later I was able to have a child, in fact now I have two.  Without Sal, I could not start to make positive changes for my life and benefit from them now." -- Laura Keiles, NJ

Inner Strength Building Exercises

The program's Inner Strength Building Exercises, known as Neigong and Weigong, are based on ancient Natural Internal Arts that help strengthen the body from the outside in.

There are four main types of exercise and all people, especially seniors, need some of each:

  1. Endurance & Stamina activities, which build "staying power" and improve the health of the heart and circulatory system.
  2. Strengthening exercises which build muscle tissue and reduce age-related muscle loss.
  3. Stretching exercises to keep the body limber and flexible.
  4. Balance exercises to reduce the chances of a fall.

These techniques and postural movements are done efficiently and effectively using core body mechanics and correct alignment. Efficiently and effectively means it will be done intelligently and quickly without wasted energy or efforts by using brute force.

The postural movements develop and maintain strength, flexibility, sharp reflexes, self-confidence, and self-control. Also, Motor skills are greatly enhanced.

Correct posture, body alignment, and core body mechanics are emphasized.

Success Stories

"I started the class in poor physical condition with a lot of tendon and cartilage damage in my ankles and knees. The combination of the Qi gong class, Kung Fu class and the additional exercises that Sal had taught me had made a marked improvement in my lifestyle. I have typically been on crutches or had to use ankle braces about every 6 months for over ten years due to recurring injuries, but since I have been practicing the material that Sal taught I have been brace free for about three years now. I think this is in part due to increased strength of my body from the Qi gong exercises, but mostly to the fact that the Kung Fu movements have thought me how to properly move my body without causing injury." -- Brett D'Alessio, Califon NJ

"When I first came to the class keeping my knee over the toe was difficult because I had weak muscles. The classes taught by Sal helped me gain muscle tone without going to a gym " -- Bruce Christman, Parsippany NJ

Our Qigong & Neigong Programs are ideal for stress reduction, chronic pain, and aging issues. Great for staying calm, centered, grounded, and relaxed in the workplace or at home. Increases productivity and focus. (Corporate classes available)

CONTACT: Sal Canzonieri (973) 752-4739 salcanzonieri@att.net

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